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Our team of locksmith technicians is consisted of experts that are skilled enough in handling different locks. Please scroll below to learn more.

I lost my car keys. What should I do?

In cases where you lose your car keys, it is best for you to call our reputed emergency locksmith company to make a key replacement. We always offer service around the clock and are well prepared with the proper tools to help you.

Can a keyless entry system be installed for my business?

A. Yes, a keyless entry system can be installed at your business and even your home. However, it is best to first check if a keyless system is the best or most appropriate security system for your place as there are several other options available.

What does a deadbolt set include?

The so-called handle sets typically consist of four pieces. These include the deadbolt, which is installed on the exterior side of the door, and a thumb turn, which is installed inside. The deadbolt is paired with a solid handle which you need to pull or push depending on the design of the door, once you unlock it. The thumb turn is paired with a knob for opening the door comfortably from the inside.

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